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WFI’s goal is to train, develop, guide and mentor young emerging artists to develop their creative skills and attain a level of professionalism that promotes self-sustainability in a competitive market.

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This program will focus on topics such as land, leadership, financials, business, education, citizenship, decision making and relationships with other nations. What are the impacts of the Indian Act on Indigenous nations and governance? Other topics that will also be covered are self-government, treaties and teachings of future governance based on land, traditional values, knowledge and culture. 


This course will keep participants updated and get them ready for the challenges ahead.

How to become leaders in the community.

High value of content that you can have at your fingertips

To improve efficiency and productivity in your organization or community

Learning from peers and building stronger relationships across the country

Focus on documentary film as a creative process and how this medium tells stories in a captivating way sparking a conversation that can contribute to social-political change.  Our stories give us insight into other people’s worlds.  They help us understand each other. Story-tellers will benefit from this all-inclusive immersive class and will create the possibility of not only turning their visions into reality, but they’ll also be able to share the results with others and navigate the process with confidence.


Finding your story – uniting an idea with truth and emotion 

The nonfiction narrative: the truth as the core element

The interview

The internal change of the protagonist(s)

Preparation and process 

Style, approach, structure and aesthetics 

The visual language and imagery

Doc styles 

Paper editing, writing and transcriptions

Sourcing archival and historical material

Dramatizations:  should we?

Developing your voice as a filmmaker while stepping out of the way for the voices in your film

Breaking the rules.


The Business of Film is a 4-month online course that is focused on all business aspects of content creation, finance as well as the documentation. Participants learn the ABCs of TV/Film and Digital Media industries in an interactive course that provides essential business information from concept to production to distribution.


Students are introduced to major television and film markets while gaining insight into production and distribution opportunities. The course highlights personalized consultation with the instructor(s) who, as seasoned industry professionals, provide “real-world” insights into production ideas and proposals. By the end of the course, students will thoroughly understand the business imperatives of the industry and will walk away with a wealth of practical knowledge to implement in their careers.

This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the business of producing and executive producing for a variety of TV, Film and Digital media productions.  Students will learn to prepare a package to pitch, pull a production team together, complete the necessary documentation required by a broadcaster, funding agency or distributor, and learn how to set up a production.


The certificate program will cover such topics as writing a treatment and script analysis, marketing strategies that include digital and multiplatform content, and production management skills. Attendees will also acquire skills in negotiations, contract construction, budget analysis, etc.


Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production uses film as a tool to teach life skills, including reading, writing, math, science, and storytelling, as well as business, communication, leadership, and art skills.
Each student’s unique and creative vision will take shape under the guidance of senior professional artists as they work towards writing and directing a short film, developing a story idea for a future project, and creating an outline/treatment for a feature film of their conception.
Students are trained by our experienced and award-winning faculty, and industry professional mentors. This Lab is designed to take you through the filmmaking process, consisting of Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and finally, Sales and Distribution. Students will be able to write and direct their own short film. This short film will be your calling card, as it will introduce you and your work to the film industry.


A program which provides hands-on training and instruction provided by industry professionals. Students are expected to have already completed the Certificate in Film Production at Weengushk Film Institute, or have previous industry experience before taking Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production. Students are given the opportunity to enhance their media production skills in television through the development of techniques in scriptwriting, production planning, directing, editing, and sound composition. Learners will explore formats specific to television, such as sitcoms, drama, documentary, comedy, and movie of the week (MOW). Students will develop and direct a six-episode television series.


This cutting edge program is for students with an artistic eye, a passion for technology, and a drive for a career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the Industry. The program will offer hands-on training from experienced industry professionals, using industry standard tools to prepare you for entry into the country's top animation studios.


Completion of this exciting new program will provide you with: an understanding of the principles of animation, and the basics of a 3D pipeline; proficiency with leading animation software; the ability to integrate your 3D skills with the art of storytelling; and the chance to create an industry ready demo reel with the benefit of one-on-one feedback from your instructor.


WFI will give you the opportunity to start your journey, and develop a network that supports your passion in the exciting world of 3D Animation and Visual Effects.


WFI’s Journey for Knowledge is a land-based 10 month immersion learning program that recognizes physical, mental and spiritual connections to the land, language, culture and food.  Our program is Indigenous led by elders, knowledge keepers who help the youth to develop awareness and how to make connections to the land. Some of the teachings include ceremonies, traditional medicines, the history of the land, hunting, how to be good stewards and how to speak the language among other activities.  WFI’s program can help youth re-engage an academic career, help build community connectedness and maintain the language and culture and indigenous practises

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