Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production


Emerging Artists

A 10-month program which provides hands-on training and instruction provided by industry professionals. Students are expected to have already completed the Certificate in Film Production at Weengushk Film Institute, or have previous industry experience before taking Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production. Students are given the opportunity to enhance their media production skills through the development of techniques and formats specific to television, including scriptwriting, production planning, directing, editing, and sound composition. Students will develop and direct a six-episode television series.

Students will earn the following Brock University credits, upon completion of Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production:

Television Structure: Genres and Forms
Examination of the structures of different television genres to give an in-depth look at the different requirements of each form –sitcoms, drama, drama series, documentary, movie of the week (MOW) and feature films.


Television Series Scriptwriting 
The fundamentals of writing scripts for an episodic television series.
FLIC 2F05 

Directing for Television
The technical and creative areas of the director’s role and the directing unit’s role during pre-production, production and post-production of a television series. The collaborative nature of filmmaking with a show-runner and with the key crew.

The Television Production Process

Step‐by-step process of what is involved and needed to produce a television series.


Taking a television series through project development, planning, budgeting, pre‐production, production, post‐ production, marketing and distribution.


Television Post-Production: Editing and Composing
Editing to give structure, form, rhythm, and pace to a limited series. Examination of the relationship between sound and music in a television series.



A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 will be due at the first class, with the balance to either be paid in full or be fully secured by the end of the second month of the program. Receipts will be provided for all funds collected.



1. Students who have successfully completed of Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production or those who have experience within the film and television industry.

2. Students must have a minimum of 60% overall average to be awarded the Certificate in Television Production upon completion of this course