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Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive training across film disciplines, including screenwriting, editing, producing, directing, and more.

  • Individualized mentorship from seasoned industry professionals to nurture your unique creative voice.

  • Hands-on opportunities to write, direct, and produce a short film.

  • Craft an outline or treatment for a feature-length film.

  • A pathway to make a lasting impression in the film industry.

Your final short film will not only be a testament to your skills but will also serve as a powerful introduction to the broader film community. Let your work be your voice.

Why LAB 1? It's more than just filmmaking. We utilize film as an engaging tool to foster crucial life skills - from reading, writing, and math to storytelling, business expertise, leadership, and artistic expression.

Earn Academic Credits with WFI Your passion and hard work deserve acknowledgment. Partnering with Laurentian University, we're thrilled to offer an exciting academic opportunity for our graduates. After successfully completing LAB 1, you are eligible for up to 30 university credits, including:

  • ARTS 9100: 6 credits

  • ARTS 9200: 15 credits

  • ENGL 3596: Core Seminar, Indigenous Filmmaking I - 3 credits*

  • ENGL 3596: Core Seminar, Indigenous Filmmaking II - 3 credits*

  • ENGL 3411: Canadian Indigenous Poetics - 3 credits*

This is your chance to seamlessly transition your cinematic achievements into an academic setting. Chart your path in both the film industry and the academic world with WFI and Laurentian University.

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