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Empower. Celebrate. Preserve.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023

Join us for our Annual General Meeting where we will reflect on the past year's achievements and discuss future plans and opportunities. It's a chance for you to meet and engage with industry professionals, fellow filmmakers, and the Weengushk Film Institute community.


Date: January 23, 2024


Tom Peltier Centre
Weengushk Film Institute
5494 HWY 540
M'Chigeeng, ON

Whether you're a student, alumni, or a friend of the Institute, your presence and input are valuable to us. Let's come together to celebrate our collective accomplishments and pave the way for another year of cinematic excellence.

Contact us at: for more information

Elevate Your Education with WFI!

Our programs aren't just renowned—they're officially recognized by Laurentian University.

Graduate from WFI and jumpstart your higher education with up to 60 university credits. Why wait? Turn your passion into academic achievements now!

Empowering Creative Voices

At WFI, artistic dreams take flight. As a dedicated non-profit training center, we specialize in the realms of film and television. Here, the boundless imagination of Indigenous and diverse youth finds its wings and voice, shaping the next generation of storytellers.

Cultural Understanding and Preservation

Tradition, culture, and identity aren't just words at WFI. They're the pillars of our approach. With profound respect for these values, we stand as a beacon for collecting and preserving innovative voices, ensuring their narratives echo and inspire for generations to come.

Nurturing Talent and Skills

The heart of our mission lies in celebrating and amplifying the distinctive voices of emerging Indigenous artists. Our comprehensive programs go beyond imparting market-leading skills in film and media; they're about equipping young artists with essential life skills. At WFI, we lay the groundwork for an inspired and self-reliant future.

Supporting Indigenous Contribution

The contributions of Indigenous youth are paramount to the richness and depth of the Canadian arts landscape. We're committed to acknowledging, fostering, and elevating these narratives. Through our diverse programs, the tapestry of Indigenous stories finds its rightful place, amplifying Canada's cultural legacy.


Join the Movement at WFI

Where the boundaries of creativity are limitless. Where every narrative takes us one step closer to a brighter, inclusive future in film and television.

Turn Your Cinematic Dreams into Reality

Your Cinematic Journey Awaits Delve deep into the world of filmmaking with our all-encompassing introductory program. LAB 1 offers budding filmmakers a profound insight into the multifaceted aspects of film production, from the inception of a script to the marketing of the final piece.

Embracing Culture, Identity, and Heritage Through Land-Based Training

At the heart of Weengushk's educational ethos lies the Land-Based Training program—a transformative initiative fostering education, healing, and truth and reconciliation for First Nations communities in North America.

Your Gateway to Mastering the Business Side of Filmmaking

An exhaustive dive into the business facets of film, covering everything from conceptualization, finance, documentation, to the very essence of the TV/Film and Digital Media industries.

Unleash Your Vision in the Television Landscape

Welcome to Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production. Built for those eager to traverse the intricate terrains of television media, this advanced program paves the way for unparalleled professional insights and hands-on experiences.

Empowering Voices, Sharing Stories, Reclaiming Narratives

Welcome to our 4-week intensive program, dedicated exclusively to BIPOC female-identifying and non-binary filmmakers. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these communities, this initiative is crafted to not only train but to uplift, offering a space where voices silenced for too long can finally be amplified and celebrated.

A Story is a Story is a Story:
The ‘Art’ of Documentary Storytelling

Delve into the captivating realm of documentary filmmaking, where every story holds the power to initiate conversations that echo social-political transformation. Through this course, not only do we learn to narrate compelling stories, but we also harness the skill to bring them to life, sharing them with a global audience.


Unravel the intricate tapestry of Indigenous governance, from its roots in oral traditions, land, culture, and rights to the modern challenges of reconciliation. This course serves as a bridge between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities, fostering a mutual understanding of the past, present, and future.

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