Like all of you, we here at WFI have been monitoring the evolving impact the CORVID-19 is having. At WFI our core value is safety first and with the safety of our participants and the communities we work with we will be postponing all productions until April. While we do apologize for any inconvenience we must keep safety at the forefront.


Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.



University Accredited 


WFI's Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production and Lab 2: Certificate in Television Production programs are accredited by Brock University. Students who enrol in these programs will earn 5 university credits and receive a Certificate in Film Production or a Certificate in Television Production upon successful completion.

Hands-On Training from Industry Professionals


WFI excels in providing hands-on training and instruction with top-of-the-line industry professionals. Through one-on-one mentorships, and a focus on the individual needs of students, WFI helps youth realize their dreams by putting the tools in their hands, opening doors to new possibilities, and fostering involvement within the creative community. 

The Weengushk Difference


WFI's educational mandate is to deliver a balanced training program that incorporates both skills development and media business management training, so that participants will create market-driven content that reflects high production values. 


By making a donation today, you have assisted Indigenous youth and persons of diversity, by allowing them to unlock their creative potential and continue their path towards becoming emerging artists.