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Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) is a non-profit, artist-focused film and television-training centre, dedicated to unlocking the creative potential of Indigenous and diverse youth.

While celebrating and sharing their voices, these emerging Indigenous artists learn market leading and life skills, as they begin their path towards inspired and sustainable futures.

Through an understanding of tradition, culture, and identity, WFI envisions the collection, preservation, and representation of new creative voices. The development and recognition of Indigenous youth at WFI supports the important contribution of Indigenous stories to the Canadian arts landscape.

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From becoming wards of the Monarch to the creation of the Indian Act to the residential school systems to what remaining rights we have as the First People this course will provide a better understanding of where we are as a country before we begin the Truth and Reconciliation conversation

The Business of Film is a 4-month online course that is focused on all business aspects of content creation, finance as well as the documentation. Participants learn the ABCs of TV/Film and Digital Media industries in an interactive course that provides essential business information from concept to production to distribution.

Focus on documentary film as a creative process and how this medium tells stories in a captivating way sparking a conversation that can contribute to social-political change.  Our stories give us insight into other people’s worlds.  They help us understand each other.


WFI projects and productions to date:

  • 50+ promotional videos, PSAs and Documentaries Commissioned by Northern Ontario Communities

  • 23 Short films screened at International Film Festivals - 8 of which were award-winning

  • 8 Weekend Workshops per year covering various film trades

  • 7 Award Winning Short Films at International Film Festivals

  • 2 webseries

  • 1 Televised Commercial for a major network

  • 1 Televised Documentary for a major network 

WFI provides an opportunity for students to thrive in a 360-degree learning environment that has a low instructor-to-student ratio that focuses on individual growth. Along with personal growth, students will develop the skills for entry-level positions in all areas of film and television content creation.

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