Winter Workshops

Weekend Community Workshops


WFI weekend community workshops are hands-on, craft-oriented workshops designed to teach a specific area of the filmmaking arts.

These workshops are facilitated by senior media-arts professionals and consultants who are currently leaders in the film industry.

The weekend workshops are generally held over the winter months, with options to pay by an individual weekend or for a month of beginner-level courses. All workshops take place every Saturday and Sunday during this time.

The workshops cover a number of different topics in filmmaking, including: acting, photography and filmmaking, screenwriting, directing and producing, post-production, sound design (composing), marketing and distribution.

Workshop Topics

This workshop is a beginner-level course and provides the best opportunity for the committed actor to flex their acting muscles, and refine their craft. Emphasis is placed on learning to make the best physical, emotional and vocal choices. Each student will leave with a headshot, and will potentially meet with a casting director.


Photography & Filmmaking
This workshop is a beginner-level course, which explores the art of visual storytelling and provides a firm overview of the technical foundation in how to effectively use the camera, lighting and other tools to convey your message. The skills learned in these areas will give you the ability to create basic as well as more elaborate productions to achieve your goals.
Screenwriting, Directing & Producing

This workshop is a beginner-level course, which will establish the ability to turn a story idea into a screenplay. The workshop will also provide an overview of the technical foundations of filmmaking in how to use a camera, lighting and other tools. The aim of the producing portion of the workshop, will teach you how to get a film made on a small budget.

This workshop is a beginner-level course which will bring together all of the other elements previously studied in the other workshops. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of how the various aspects of filmmaking work together. Each student will gain a deeper understanding of each of the important elements of filmmaking and develop interpersonal skills when working with others throughout the filmmaking process.
Sound Design (Composing)

This workshop is a beginner-level course which will teach the relationship between sound and music in filmmaking, and how sound has the power to convey information and mood. Every musical note tells a story. Emphasis is placed on understanding the concepts, compositional strategies, techniques and technologies associated with the combining of music, sound and image in film.
Marketing & Distribution

This workshop is a beginner-level introduction to the process of film marketing. Emphasis is placed on outlining promotional techniques such as email marketing, rich media and video marketing, SEOs, social media and pay-per-click advertising.





Weekend Rate (Sat. & Sun.) - $200.00/ per person


Monthly Rate - $600.00/ per person





Saturdays - 10:00AM to 5:00PM


Sundays - 10:00AM to 3:00PM

2013_Sarah's Gift-61
2013_Sarah's Gift-61
Wiling To Escape - Production Still_6
Wiling To Escape - Production Still_6
Behind The Secnes-2012_2
Behind The Secnes-2012_2
Workshop Course topics can change frequently. Those interested are encouraged to check the website for specific workshop scheduling and program information.
There are no current winter workshops scheduled for February and March 2017.