Summer Scenes Workshop Program

For Youth Aged 10-17

2017 SUMMER SCENES: JULY 10-21, 2017

Interested in film? Our 2-Week Summer Film Camp is designed for you to learn and have fun. The annual camp is for youth aged 10-17. Our young students are taught by our summer instructors who will teach youth how to create their own short film, from concept to creation. Learning teamwork, professionalism, problem-solving and technical advancement, Summer Scenes is your gateway into the film industry.
The Summer Scenes training workshop will focus on the use of digital technology (a universal language among young people today).  The program will focus on media as a tool for personal or community storytelling. The students will learn basic technical skills and gain valuable experience by producing a short  2 – 5 minute video, which will be screened at the end of the program.

The Summer Scenes program is designed to appeal to aloof but technically curious young people.  The workshop will be presented as a hands-on opportunity for Indigenous youth to learn about filmmaking, including writing a script, casting, acting, camera work, production, music, editing and exhibition.

Course Outline

Pre-Production (3 days)

  • Develop a concept/idea

  • Develop a script

  • Draw storyboards

  • Develop a shooting script or shot list

  • Scout for locations

  • Learn basic acting techniques

  • Hold auditions for actors

  • Learn crew positions and roles (i.e. Producer, Director, Set Design, Props etc.)

Production (4 days)

  • Develop basic camera operation techniques (incl. white balance, focus, aperture, shutter speed)

  • Learn various camera positions and angles

  • Learn how to block shoot from a shooting script

  • Learn basic lighting techniques

  • Learn basic sound techniques on location and in studio

  • Shoot the film with a complete crew

Post-Production (3 days)

  • Capture the footage onto editing software – Final Cut

  • Edit the film

  • Add music, sound effects and text

  • Burn the video onto a DVD

Program Rate:

$5,000 (Group Rate: 10-15 students)

Summer Scenes 2016 0002
Summer Scenes 2016 0002
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.20.00 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.20.00 AM
Closeup boy shooting
Closeup boy shooting