Weengushk Film Institute Welcomes Canadian Cinematographer, Mark Irwin

M’CHIGEENG, ON: Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) is excited to welcome Canadian

cinematographer, Mark Irwin, A.S.C., C.S.C. who is on Manitoulin Island to instruct and

mentor the WFI Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production students.

Mark Irwin is widely known for collaborating with a number of directors, including David

Cronenberg, Wes Craven and the Farrelly Brothers. Mr. Irwin has been on-ˇset for each

of the WFI student films, and will be providing instruction and guidance to WFI students

until the middle of February.

Of his experience at WFI so far, Mark Irwin states, “We began shooting the first project

of eight…[and]…I could now guide the actual lighting, framing and coverage of the

stories that they [the students] had written. This is the essence of education – lessons in

life, trial by fire, being thrown into the deep end – all metaphors for learning by doing”.

Each student in the Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production course has been given one-ˇon-ˇ

one time with Mr. Irwin to discuss their own short films. WFI student, Jonathan Zagula

states, “He is so knowledgeable that you can ask him anything about the film industry.

He is great to work with, and I have learned so much from him”.

WFI Executive Director, Dr. Shirley Cheechoo, who has worked with Mark Irwin in the

past states, “It has been a real pleasure to have Mark Irwin at Weengushk Film Institute.

To have somebody who has done over 130 films, mostly for DreamWorks teach our

students, has been an amazing opportunity”.

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