Weengushk Film Institute Students Begin Production on Their Own Short Films

M’CHIGEENG, ON: Weengushk Film Institute is currently in the middle of production of

8 student films, as part of the Brock University, accredited Lab 1: Certificate in Film

Production course.

The filming of the student films started January 22 and runs until February 25, 2017. All

students at Weengushk Film Institute have a maximum of 3 days to shoot their

individual short films, with the final product becoming their calling card to the film


With an overall small budget for their individual films, each student in the Lab 1:

Certificate in Film Production course has been working on their films since September

of last year. The films have a variety of themes and cross a number of genres including,

an apocalyptic journey, a time-ˇtravel love story, and a casino heist comedy, to name a


The films made this year as part of the Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production course will

ultimately be shown at the Weengushk International Film Festival in November of this

year in the Niagara Region.

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