Weengushk Film Institute Seeking Community Donations to Support Production of Upcoming Student Films

Weengushk Film Institute is seeking community donations and/or sponsorships for the production of upcoming student films. Filming of 8 student films are scheduled to start January 22, 2017 and run until February 25, 2017. Each of the students at Weengushk Film Institute will have 3 days during this time to shoot their individual short films, with the final product becoming their calling card to the film industry. With an overall small budget for their films, students at Weengushk Film Institute are asking the community for as much help as possible. To date, students at Weengushk Film Institute are still looking for locations to shoot, wardrobe, hair products, make-up essentials, and food to feed their cast and crew during 12 to 14 hour days. If you wish to donate any of these items to students at Weengushk Film Institute, there is a drop box located at the Tom Peltier Centre, 5494 Hwy 540 West, M’Chigeeng, ON. Should you choose to sponsor a student through monetary means, Weengushk Film Institute accepts both email money transfers or cheques made payable to Weengushk Film Institute. All donations are tax deductible. For more information on donating to the student films at Weengushk Film Institute, please contact, Shirley Cheechoo Weengushk Film Institute Executive Producer (705) 377-6011 sdcheechoo@gmail.com OR: Greta Cheechoo Weengushk Film Institute Producer gretacheechoo@gmail.com

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