Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses

Through one-on-one mentorships, and a focus on the individual needs of students, WFI helps youth to realize their dreams by putting the tools in their hands, opening doors to new possibilities, and fostering involvement within the creative community.


WFI provides a low instructor to participant ratio. In the classic academic model of high capacity classrooms, many students experience difficulty. WFI understands many youth learn better in a low ratio environment, because they are given the individual time they require, and are more likely to take risks and grow. A strong feature of our methodology is that no participant should be left behind.


At WFI, youth are surrounded by others who are engaged in speaking about their life through art and their struggle to retain their identity and heritage. It is our intent to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, to be respectful of cultural values, and to build upon existing personal, familial, and community resources.


WFI provides an opportunity for students to thrive in a 360-degree learning environment. Along with personal growth, students will  develop the skills for entry-level positions in all areas of film and television content creation.

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