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BAJA: Lead, Female, Indigenous, Age; 18-20s.
The youngest of her siblings. She tries to be silly in an attempt to cope with tense situations. Knows what needs to be done in spite of her carefree spirit.

VEE: Supporting, Female, Indigenous, Age; early 20s.
The second youngest of the siblings, overstrung with anxiety over the new amount of responsibility over her sister, Baja.


RED: Supporting, Male, Indigenous, Age; early to mid 20s.
The middle sibling, dotes on his two younger sisters. Often the victim of his older brother, Neo.


NEO: Supporting, Male, Indigenous,] Age; mid to late 20s.
Takes the leader role although not very mature. He often torments his younger siblings as he is the eldest brother.


POLLY: Supporting, Female, Indigenous, Age; mid to late 20s.
The responsible one, twin sister of Neo, and oldest of all the siblings.

JOHN Lead Male Mid-20s Tall and Thin.

A shy scientist with a dark past. He struggle between doing the right thing and what his boss wants.

REX Lead Antagonist Male Mid-40s Short Fit and Muscular.

An ageing billionaire still clinging to his youth. John’s boss with sinister plans for his work.

VICTOR Supporting Male Mid-30s.

John's coworker, a conniving suck up always looking for a way to complete his pet project and prove his worth.

BETTY Supporting Female Late-20s.

John’s Love interest and coworker. A kind woman with a keen mind and a talent for sciences, she is a ray of sunshine in John’s bleak situation.

FBI AGENT Supporting Male 30s.

A FBI agent who's been on the hunt for John.

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