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"Il ya des choses qui ne se disent qu'en francais" - this was caption noted on a promotional poster created by the French-language provincial broadcaster, TFO, many years ago.  The fact is there are things that can only truly be expressed in any language, our mother tongue.  Once it's translated into another language, it loses its flavour, its essence.  This is also true for ALL indigenous languages.


Because we at Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) understand film's unique potential to educate and inspire indigenous people, particularly children, and youth, we will develop and produce THE VOICE OF THE LAND IS OUR LANGUAGE videos, resource guide, and a student journal, for children ages 5 - 8.  We know that children in this age range are more adept to learning a second language.  Equally important is the fact that if they are engaged at a young age, they have many years ahead of them to continue studying the language.


Each 5-7 minute program will center around a specific theme that is central to Ojibwe culture -- food, music, storytelling, etc.  The videos have been filmed an edited by Youth who are enrolled in WFI's Media Arts training program.