Lighting the Fire Within is a newly designed project which will aim to provide flexible and holistic services, which will maximize opportunities to students registered for courses at the Weengushk Film Institute, by including more culturally specific supports and services. Weengushk Film Institute responds to needs - which simply began with community-based weekend workshops in filmmaking crafts has now blossomed into a year-round fully operational film and television-training  centre for aspiring, emerging and professional artists alike

Lighting the Fire Within Project will increase knowledge and awareness within each individual, the student will be educated and relearn lost traditions taken away from the effects of colonization through established elders, mentors,  community members with talented gifts.


These passed down from generations of new learnings will create "Lighting the Fire Within". It will help each student look deep inside of who they are and where they come from. It will install pride in their experience at Weengushk Institute through a series of history, ceremonies, traditional foods, crafts and building of their bundles; which they will take with them in their life and inspire each individual.


The project will increase self-esteem, self-pride, self-confidence with provided support and mentors; established connections and relationships with employers and communities. It will give them a clear understanding of their future goals.