Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production

Accredited by Brock University

Innovation Incubator

WFI is critical in strengthening the voices of underserved, underrepresented, and never heard storytellers across our nation.


WFI wants to remind the community of the importance of building bridges to love, respect, truth, humility, honesty, bravery, empathy, and understanding all the grandfather teachings through storytelling.


WFI helps youth to find their voices so they can tell their stories; from the elders, they learn the history, legends, language, land, and culture. They learn to value shared cultural experiences and their power to transform perspectives and lives.


We need to hear these voices of the young people, we and they need to hear each other’s stories in order to strengthen this generation and next generation to follow

This 10-month introductory program offers instruction and hands-on experience in the core aspects of filmmaking: screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, editing, pre-and-post production, composing and marketing. This introductory program is open to individuals with little to no experience.
Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production uses film as a tool to teach life skills, including reading, writing, math, science, and storytelling, as well as business, communication, leadership, and art skills.
Each student’s unique and creative vision will take shape under the guidance of senior professional artists as they work towards writing and directing a short film, developing a story idea for a future project, and creating an outline/treatment for a feature film of their conception.
Students are trained by our experienced and award-winning faculty, and industry professional mentors. This Lab is designed to take you through the filmmaking process, consisting of Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and finally, Sales and Distribution. Students will be able to write and direct their own short film. This short film will be your calling card, as it will introduce you and your work to the film industry.

Students will earn the following Brock University credits, upon completion of Lab 1: Certificate in Film Production:

Screenwriting: Writing for Movies
Turning a story idea into a short film screen play, moving from outline, through treatment, first and final draft.

Directing/Cinematography: Shaping the Vision
Introduction to the different roles of directors and the methods that transform script to performance. Familiarization with camera and lighting equipment. Technical, aesthetic and logistical considerations for scene shooting in both documentary and dramatic films.

Editing and Soundtrack (Composing): Post-Production
Development of skills for giving structure, form, rhythm, and pace to a film to tell a compelling story. Relation between sound and music. Sound’s power to convey information and mood as part of storytelling.

Pre-Production and Production: Making a Motion Picture
Step by step understanding of the film-making process. Understanding the various roles involved in film production through the completion of a short film.

Producing and Marketing: The Business of Film
Preparation of budgets, marketing and distribution plans and other facets of film promotion. Consideration of varied media markets and venues, contract negotiation, talent booking, and financing.

Students must have a minimum of 60% overall average to be awarded the Certificate in Film Production upon completion of this course